The Story of David Chasse

A young David Chasse was born in a small town in Iowa to loving parents who were always working hard to provide him with a wonderful life. In addition to keeping a roof over his head, they also told him that he could do anything that he put his mind to.

With that great background, David Chasse went through high school and upon his graduation, he went out into the world and enjoyed it to the fullest.

Military Life

The day after his graduation, David Chasse was at a crossroads. He wanted to make a difference in the world but he just did not know how. Then, one day he was walking down the street and saw the local an American flag hanging over the local enlistment office and that is the moment that he decided to join the military.

What David Chasse Believes In

You don’t just end up running a birthday business without having a few great attributes.

A Love of Celebration

The idea behind running a birthday business came about because David Chasse loves to have fun and celebrate the accomplishments and special days of others.


Due to my life in the military, I have a newfound respect for the art of dedication and I apply this dedication to my birthday business which helps it to run smoothly and to give great birthdays to all.

Business Sense

Of course, no one can run a business without having a bit of business sense and David Chasse has learned what it takes to make his birthday company a success amongst a busy marketplace.

Next Steps…

My business is great for corporate environments because it helps you to maintain your business contacts while also wishing them a happy birthday.

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